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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Behind the SL Me Meme

I came across this cute meme on several bloggers pages, Lashae, Rudh, KismeT and Mayala, I loved nosing into your favie things. The person responsible for this different twist on a blog meme is Cara from her pretty fashion blog iCandy .
I suppose the way to describe this meme is viewing into the bloggers real life's likes. I enjoy reading what makes us tick as humans, it always brings a smile. =)  Thank you Cara!

I bypassed the PS graph to make this and used a website I visited last year for something similar. Here is the link to the site, if you would like to participate. I found it easy to use for creating the mosaic and uploading  photographs. Bighugelabs/Mosaic

I loved doing this, here is my mosaic, and the questions are below.

 Favorite color?  Red!

Favorite flower? Blue Iris

Favorite animal? WEEENIES!!

Favorite music? I love all types of music, I could not possibly pin point one specific type, they all bring a
magical joy to my life.

Favorite book?  My all time fav is "A walk to remember" by Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite movie? Pride & Prejudice. Sometimes, they play a marathon of this movie. When they do, I wait until night. Put my favorite Pjams on, prop my pillows up in bed, with my IPad directed to plurk, and that is where I stay until it is over, which is quite a while, this movie is LONG!

Favorite TV Show? Survivor. I have a crush on the Probster. ( Jeff Probst)

Favorite hot drink? Starbucks makes my fave Caffe Americano.

Favorite cold drink? Starbucks wins again for me with their Iced Green Tea (non sweetened, extra ice)

Favorite food? Bless your hearts if you do not live in California, Nevada or Arizona, because your missing out on the best burgers in the world. IN & OUT.

Favorite clothing? I love to wear dresses, and being it is summer, I LOVE sun dresses. The one I have a photo of is one of my favie shops Anthropologie .

Favorite number? One. I like how simple the number looks and sounds.

Favorite letter? D. And I loop it just like the photo, making it hard to fit inside the lines.

Favorite place? I am a So Cali girl, it is the beach for me!

Favorite season? Fall

What is your sign? Sign of the twins, Gemini.

Favorite sports team? Anaheim Angels.

Favorite fantasy creature? Faeries, there pretty.

Favorite hobby?  Second Life fashion.

Last........My favorite song? I have many, but my all time fav I turn up whenever I hear it, is Earth, Wind and Fire's "That's The Way of the World." 

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