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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Road Rash Relay Rally 2013/ Relay For Life

We are the soldiers of REAL war. We stand united with the Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society. We're abuncha maniacs that rampage the grid hosting wild crazy races and events with some of the very best DJ's on the grid. We play hard, rock hard, laugh hard, and donate hard. But make NO mistake about our determination to see the disease that continues to steal our loved ones DIE FOREVER... NEVER SURRENDER!
(Road Rash Team)

I don't know about you but to me those are words full of passion, meaning and fun! These words were written by the team captain for the Road Rash Relay Rally  Her name is Twist MyGears, and trust me, her name matches her fiesty personality.

 The awaited kick off day for this fabulous event starts Saturday the 9th of March. This is the 3rd year for the relay team, and a lot of preparing and time has gone into this event, making it one of the best in SL. Everything has been thought of, from the calendar of events, a donating page whether your inworld or not. (Hint..your rl friends and family can donate!) To a goodie bag filled with everything you possibly can want or need for this event. The Road Rash team has something going on every weekend from this Saturday and on through the summer! I will add the links below, so that you can check them all out, and hopefully donate to this worthy cause that has affected our lives in one way or another. Last year, the RFL(Relay for Life) teams combined, contributed close to 350,000.USD. That is AMAZING!

When I noted Twist had done so much for this event, she was quick to add (and I quote) ..."Keep in mind I don't take credit. Without my team I am nothing. My team F*cking rawks.  It is "our" team, not mine." (unquote)

What an awesome team, but I might add your team is only as good as the captain. And this one makes it all happen. My best to your team this year Twist. I know you and other RFL/SL teams will bring in even more than last year and I for one, look forward to being a part of stomping out cancer forever. It is a personal vendetta to me, and I would love to see before my time is done on earth, that no one ever looses a loved one again to this dreaded disease.

If you have questions regarding the Road Rash team, or Relay for Life, you can contact
Twist My Gears inworld .

Road Rash URL's
Road Rash Team Page
Convio/Donating Page

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TWISTMY Gears said...

Well sis you blew me away this morning and I thank you from my soul. The work and passion we pour into this battle is dim by comparison of the people that suffer the fear of tomorrow who have been diagnosed. I stand proud of my beloved team because our determination to see this disease end is unwavering. Thank you so very much for the beautiful post