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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Seven SL Facts Meme

Today I received a group notice from one of SL's all around beautiful people Strawberry Singh .
She has put together a challenge called My Seven SL Facts Meme, and I liked it. So, here are my 7 SL facts.

1.  I have had Laila for 6 years, and was brought in by a few friends from the Gor world. I was an internet player in Gor for many years and became bored with the Gor thing. In finding Gor in SL, I really did not like it. I had never seen such ugly people in my life! I suppose the internet Gor and  SL Gor are different. One, because of imagination and two, what people actually think looks good.  Once I realized you could buy cute clothes, a house...etc, well, that completely turned me off from roleplay altogether and the Barbie doll venture began.

2. I have lived on the same sim for 6 years and some of my neighbors have been there for several years as well. I suck at landscaping and terraforming, maybe someday I will get it.

3.I am forever changing my mind, and at times I do not follow through with what started as good intentions, only to leave them incomplete.

4. For those that do not know me personally, I am So during my younger years, I had two C sections within 2 years where 10 pnd babies were cut out of me, and I did what any young mommy did, I raised them. Needless to say, when one was being potty trained, the other one was in diapers...etc, you get the picture. Which leads me to this ,I am not into the pregnant or the baby raising in SL. I've been there, done that in my life. I realize SL has something for everyone, and I don't judge if you are pregnant in SL or have the daddy, baby mama, and the babies, to each their own. But for me?
 In one word.......No.

5. I rarely go out, unless to shop. I can spend hours playing dress up on Laila and taking photos to blog with. I have a huge collection of skins and remain in the process of collecting them. I find it a challenge to find the right shape to go with a skin. Maybe because I am a Gemini could be the reason for the constant changes to my avi. One day she could be in a Glam Affair skin, and a blonde or redhead. The next day I will have Belleza on with dark hair. And don't even get me started on eye colors.

6. My inventory is a lost case. I do get fed up and pull it down somewhat, but then I think, hmm, I might need that 4 year old analog hair sometime, somewhere. Me, the girl who doesn't get out much, Ha!

7. I have a huge contact list, yet speak to only a few. Like others here, I feel if I IM someone, I could be interrupting them. However, I do love when I get IM'd, and find many conversations make me smile.

That is what rolls off the top of my head for this challenge, and I would like to thank Berry for putting this together. xo

Tattoo/Photoshop and Me =)


Rudhmellowen said...

Well it's awesome to learn a little more about you honey... I had no idea about the Gor thing, and to be honest I've heard things about how ugly it can be. Believe you that internet Gor and SL Gor seem to be totally different things, but HEY you are like me, I don't get out much either LOL! *hugs*

Strawberry Singh said...

Awwww, so glad you did this. It was great to learn more about you. And I dunno what you're talking about not being a great landscaper, I recall visiting a winter sim of yours once and I was in awe, it was one of the best I had seen. I hope you do more like that. Thanks for participating. <3