Laila Laperriere

Saturday, November 3, 2012

~Wk 45~ Bittersweet

This weeks color has a bad taste in my mouth..why? Not because it isnt a pretty color. But, due to the fact this color reminds me of St Joseph's orange flavored baby aspirins. When I was four years old, one saturday, I was watching morning cartoons, my mom was sleeping. I was hungry, and took the kitchen chair, pushed it against a cabinet, crawled up on the chair, and pulled down a bottle of the baby aspirins in an upper cabinet. I then dragged the chair to the bathroom, got up on it again, and looked into the mirror and began to play commercial with the baby aspirins. Over and over again. For some reason (possibly my guardian angel?) nudged me to awake my mother, and I announced  "Guess what Mommie?" "I just ate all the baby aspirins."  I dont remember the mad rush after that, but I do remember throwing up into a basin at a doctors office and the nurses counting the aspirins. this color really has a crinkled up nose effect on me. LOL

Lets hope next week is better than this week. It is election time in USA. The campaign smearing and political bashing is really ugly. I for one will be glad when I can go to my mail box and not bring in a handfull of proposition flyers. And..our friends and loved ones in the eastern states, I hope the pieces are picked up and rebuilt so very soon, so that there lives can return to what they once were,before tragedy struck. Xo

Good night.


Skin/Glam Affair/Roza
Hair/Wasabi Pills/Amalie/Blk Coffee  (For Fameshed)
Eyes/IKON/Horizon/Dk Brn
Skirt/Hucci/Suede mini/Peach
Jewelry/ Maxi Gossamer
Boots/GOS/Equestrian Boot


Nicandra Laval said...

yeah hard days for americans.. hope with you that all will become better.. and oh oh what a story about your childhood )).Love your look.

Rudhmellowen said...

So glad you woke your mum! Im not keen on the colour either but least you have a reason... Me I'm just thinking UGH! Still you look hot in your flash of bittersweet skirt!

Ygrey Auer said...

Nice story.
I hope everything return to normal in few weeks. Unfortunately in Cuba or Haiti, Sandy was worse, and it's withouth hope.

Anichka Savira said...

Wow that's an amazing story, glad you shared it and that you woke your mom! Poor thing.

I'm not a fan of this color either but for different reasons. However, you look sexy in it. I love your look this week, so fierce.

samayalin said...

Oh my, that story made me double-check the medicine cabinet! You must have given your mother quite a few grey hairs that day.
But you still look hot in bittersweet :)

Fledge said...

Ohhh I know this story!! I went after the Calpol (liquid painkiller, much the same colour!) and said to my mom, 'all my pains are gone!' So having my stomach pumped at hospital is one of my earliest and least pleasant memories. And then just this year, over 30 years later, I find out from my dad, that actually I -didn't- drink the medicine. So I had my stomach pumped for nothing!! Grrr. Cute skirt you have found, anyway ;)