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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Voice~Belleza,Solange

In a world that has always seemed so big to me, suddenly has become a very small tightknit community. I am speaking of the "One Voice" event. When I (finally) tp'd in, and everything began to rez, I was amazed at how many designers have not only offered there creations specifically for the event, but also, the percentages of proceeds that go to financially aid Gala Phoenix(Curio Skins) in her legal battle. To know that world wide, these top designers stand in her defense without gaining little to no profit, is not only amazing to me, but shows respect and admiration for their fellow team players. For those reasons, they have my highest regards.

Today I am showing off a new remix by Belleza. Her name is Jesse. Some of you may remember Jesse from a few years back, she was cute and sexy then, and has come back around even better! I love the lips on this skin. They are smooth and not overly lipsticked out. 
Trust me when I say it was hard to decide what I was going to put Jesse in, because there are so many goodies at the event. But this one...well, it called out to me. It is from Solange, and has a sexy saloon, burlesque look. And if you know me, I am never one to shy away from sexy, especially when I want you to see how smooth the texture of Tricky Bouchers latest skins are. I brought the gold tones out of this outfit, with a jewelry choice by Mandala and the hair is Amylee by Catwa, to me this do calls out for hair deco, which I did with the feathers. What I love most about this attire is the unexpected exposed tush, surely to raise a few eyebrows. Enough of me talking about it, just go get it, here is the link and although you may not get in the first few times, keep trying, it is worth it =)
"One Voice"

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