Laila Laperriere

Saturday, July 7, 2012

~Wk 28~ Astronaut Blue

In doing this weeks color of "Astronaut Blue" it reminds me of the astronaut character in the 60's sitcom "I Dream Of Jeannie." I am not sure if it was because his uniform was blue, or he was an astronaut. Either way, the title song kept running through my mind while getting Laila ready. I had a heck of a time trying to find this color, and it was only by accident I did. I tp'd to Elemiah designs, thinking I was going someplace else. I sat here and talked to myself, wondering why I was here? Ever done that? I have and with my mic on. Oh yah, thats always lovely isnt it? You tp in, mic on,and when you realize it is on, you hurry to try and turn it off or follow up with an outloud  Oh s*it, my mic's on! The funny and entertaining ones are those who do not realize they can be heard because they forgot to turn the damn thing off, and you hear them loud and clear. All the background noises in there houses. kids, cartoons, dishes being done or put away. burping, singing, I know youve heard it before to. Thing is, it is usually men that forget. Yah, SL's blunders I do enjoy, even when it is me.  Okay, let me just pull myself back to the color challenge, sorry, had a moment.  Oh well, whatever, just check Laila out and I am so glad I made a wrong turn into Elemiah's shop earlier, and found this sweet blue dress.  And no, I am not going to bore you with the I dream of Jeannie song even though it is in your heads right now! Thats enough to make me laugh...for now =)

Skin/*League* /Jen
Hair/CaTwa / Amanda/ Summer blondies     *Marketplace Link
Jewelry/Nails/ Mandala
Ring/MG  /Gigi Shimmer Bow Ring   *Marketplace Link
Satchel/Maitreya /Black leather satchel  (mesh)
Dress/ Elemiah Design / Ohe  (mesh)
Heels/Redgrave / Linda  (mesh)     New
Drink in hand/ Trinket    *Marketplace Link
Shades/ Domineaux Prospero/For "The Domineaux Effect"



Rudhmellowen said...

YAY LOL gotta love the blunder moments. Can't say that one has ever happened to me as I don't ever have SL voice switched on... Wanna talk to me use skype LOL, but yea you look hot for a shopping trip... move over Sex and the City girls, Laila is in town hehe!

Nicandra Laval said...

a super vamp look. gorgeous. And yes big smile... i know the blunder moments and i agree mostly men forget to turn it off. haha

Ygrey Auer said...


Sama Yalin said...

Good thing I don't have mic to forget:)
You look amazing!

Anichka Savira said...

Very cute, love the sunglasses!

Laura Streeter said...

hey Laila, love the look and I think I have those glasses too!