Laila Laperriere

Sunday, July 15, 2012

~Wk 29~ Persian Rose

It is a hot and humid weekend in So California, that usually means were in store for a shake and bake to follow the heat. Shake and Bake is something us Californians are well aware of and used to. How many of us are ready for a little shake, rattle and roll? Feel it in the air? For those of you wondering what I am talking about, it is a nickname for the earthquakes we are known for. 

This weeks color for the Challenge is persian rose, and for me anytime to do a deep, pretty pink for my blog always brings to many ideas and clothes to decide from. In otherwords I love this color and had a itch to do something with LAQ's Minna skin, Mallory did several months ago. I used this punky tutu outfit from Gizza. Anytime you want frill and femininity with an edge to it, Gizza always comes through with one of there beautiful designs.  This ballerina attire started a few weeks ago for me when I purchased SLinks new designed mesh feet. In doing so, I happened to see the adorable ballerina slippers she had. This called for a complete ballet look. I used a Glitterati ballerina pose, to get the "on your toes" look. I could have stopped there, but being a true gemini, we are never completely finished with anything. That is where the accessorizing came in with LouLou&Co and Mandala then topping it with a updo wig from D!va.  I loved this color so much, I am including one of my fav youtube photos, the tune is a remix of Nadia Ali, and I am a fan of hers. Although, I think I would much rather look at what the reflection is in the shades.


Thats right baby, just stand there, dont open your mouth, and we will get along just fine.



Rudhmellowen said...

WOW LAILS this is HOT HOT HOT I love that punkish ballerina look you have goin on in this photo... So stealing your look LOL!!!

Nicandra Laval said...

wow Lai, you realy are a prima ballerina. So cute to see Inkie took the same dress and made such a different post

Laura Streeter said...

you, on the other hand, went all out with your purse! But well worth it you look great Laila!

Asia Romano said...

Pretty ballerina :)

Fledge said...

Gorgeous look, hot hot hot! Very Latin style ballerina I think, maybe inspired by your heatwave ;)

ayakofirecaster said...

Very hot! That's the sexiest ballerina I've ever seen!