Laila Laperriere

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If its not one thing, it's another.

When mesh came out, I was hesitant to try what I had been reading across the blog and in world grid. Once I finally updated my viewer, I could see what all the excitement was about. I know it isn't for everyone, and unfortunately I believe there are some computers who cannot handle the upgrade. Or perhaps there are those who want to make fun of us meshy conscious fashionistas with cylandar accessorizing. Either way, mesh is here to stay, and to be honest I would rather be in the know, than out of it. Prime example of one of the delightful points of mesh is bending or sitting. Take note of my photo below. I doubt I have one sculpty, prim skirt or dress that looks this good. Do you have any idea how long i've had this pose and wanted to use it so badly with a dress that would show off my skin's legs. But the prim attachments looked like a seamstress made them while on a crack binge. And now..I had the mesh dress for this shot, and yes it looked great, BUT..what about the knees in the pose? When it comes to poses, our pixel knees, shoulders, elbows and other rounded areas can be crooked, boxed in, and pointy, not at all natural, right?  This is where the liquify tool comes in with Photoshop. From what I have learned so far with liquify, is the time consumption, the errors, and worse yet, the addiction!  I am hoping in the very near future I can control this addiction by learning how to pucker in and pucker out the right way. Until then, I will continue to pop ibu for the neck cricks I get from focusing to long while in liquify! I have two photos, one is after the liquify tool was applied, then with a little tilt blur and some vibrance. The second one is the raw shot I took before editing. I have so much to learn, but enjoying the ps journey.


Hair/Catwa / Amanda/ Creamy Toffee

Sunglasses/Mon Tissu /Harlow/Brn

Jewelry & Nails/Mandala               

Dress/Coldlogic /Savage/Brn  (mesh)

Pumps/N-Core / Coquette / Wild Edition  (group gift)

Chihuahua/Sweet Distractions /Darla the chihuahua  (mesh)



Rudhmellowen said...

Wow I love that shot seeing how you worked on it is awesome... I wonder if I should do something like this lol though to be honest my photo skills are still a long way behind yours, but that liquify tip will come in handy... ta sweets xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the pose and the little doggie! There's still so much to learn in PS but we'll make it there! Keep up the great work Laila! xoxo