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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blogger Challenge

Love my blogger buds, and this one had an interesting challenge that I just could not refuse. A pictoral of 10 things that you love about Second Life. This is my addition to the challenge, and I want to say ChaCha, you rock! Thank you. Here is her blog and I encourage you to add to the challenge!
( me some Miranda Priestly, Cha Cha)

 THE SKINS. My 2 favorite skins to wear are either BELLEZA or LAQROKI. I love a pretty mouth and realistic eyebrows on a skin.  Mallory Cowen (Laqroki) and Tricky Boucher ( Belleza) have those two loves of mine down to a T. I also love the body detail in both of these designers skins.

HAIR. How can any decent blogger go without mentioning the hair god himself, Truth Hawks for TRUTH hair. For any style or occasion, Truth has what your looking for. Also great for blogging, because you can move each strand of hair piece by piece for that perfect shot. There are other wigs I wear and love, but I am watching LELUTKA climb the charts in hair ware. The blondes are gorgeous, I love the darker roots, and even though not very flexi, you really do not need it, as these wigs are quality hair to wear.

CLOTHESZAARA is one of my all time favorites. From clothes, jewelry and even shoes, Zaara Kohime knows we all love great textures, beautiful colors and sensual styles. Another designer I love and wear her skins as well, is LEAGUE. Nena Janus enlightens us with beautiful styles and earthy colors. Her Jewelry is unique, and she participates in the 50L Fridays. Nena never ceases to amaze us. Her Sia skin alone is worth bragging rights!

BLOGS. Oh goodness, not sure where to start here. There are so many I watch and adore on a daily basis. The ones I have watched for over a year and followed faithfully are as listed in no particular order. These ladies have been a constant inspiration to me, and I continually learn from them.

 SLeXY FASHIONISTA  Tesh's pix alone are purely lickable! I love her informative blog of where to shop for the best buys, and I love how she mixes and matches clothes. She pulls in cute little animals which to me gives me a little insight that she must be simply adorable in real life.

STRAWBERRY SINGH  Awww, our sweet and beautiful Berry. She touches your heart with her writing, and her magnificent photos.

SUGAR's STYLE  You know how you just find one blogger that makes you say WOW! Well, that is Sugar Planer. She knows style, skins, hair and shoes! This blog is a must have for anyone in SL that likes to keep in style.

A PASSION FOR VIRTUAL FASHION  Harper Beresford! Not only can she put a skin together like its nobodies business, but her style is utterly feminine and her storylines she writes for her photos flow so easily, that anyone can visualize the story behind the pic.

LUNA JUBILEE  I cannot leave this page without mentioning the host of the 52 Week Color Challenge. This lady is dear to so many, even though she has given us some colors that make us scrunch our nose, narrow our eyes and mouth the word...what?  A true talent to the Second Life world.

I went past 10, but I have been known to push it over the limit, just a tad at times. =)

Here are some photos that represent what I love in Second Life. (Warning..Boob shots!)



Top and Jeans....ZAARA
Tattoos...HUZ TATS

Bra Top...ZAARA
Bed w/poses...THE LOFT
Jinx (kitty's name)...ZOOBY's

And if all this fails, and you can't think of anything you love in SL. Well, grab you a hunk of a cabana boy to hoist your butt on his shoulders ( so you dont get your socks dirty )
YO Cabana boy ..thank you! =)


Rudhmellowen said...

OOOOH this looks like fun I might have to give it a shot but Damn HARD TOO!!! Love all your things you love about SL... Wish me luck lol and don't forget to look out for my ten IF I can get it done LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I'm going to have to give that a try. Although, picking only 10 things? Gah! Hard! I love all of yours and the pics you did for them.