Laila Laperriere

Friday, August 26, 2011

~Wk 43~

Okay...I am sorry, but there is just NOTHING sexy, glam or pretty, about the word "LIVER" I mean, its not even cute!  But, putting the word aside and focusing on the color for our 43rd weekly COLOR CHALLENGE gave the ugly word new prospective. NoMyGod, did I just say ugly? I don't believe I have said that once during this entire challenge. Uh oh, looks like your all beginning to see my horns peek out of my poufy hair. Here, just let me backcomb the top of my hair a little more, and give it an aqua net coating. There now, horns are back in hiding =)...for now.

I tried to come as close as I could to the color, but really had a difficult time. For me, this was one of the harder challenges I have come across. However, I do enjoy finding something a little different to show off, even if it isnt exactly the color swatch posted by our lovely Ms Luna.
What I believe I did, was give this ugly name a sexy send off. Good bye Liver and hello to week 44, where our color will be Firebrick. I must say, firebrick sounds a lot prettier than..yah, well, you get the picture. Have a great weekend beautiful bloggers.





Parted Lips Teeth Tattoo/TULI

Top/CONNORS (in the mens selection)



Ankle Boots/ L&B



Rudhmellowen said...

An ugly name but DAMN WOMAN you make it look hot... That first picture should be in the pages of some high class fashion magazine! Such a pretty outfit and made to look totally drop dead gorgeous wrapped around your frame!! I am in envy!

Alexandra said...

never saw a man's shirt look like that before! Such magic powers almost make me believe that you can get horns to grow at will .
You look fabulous !

Nicandra Laval said...

I totally agree with Rudh... super sexy that first picture... compliments Nicandra

bourbiedoll said...

Horns or no, that poofy hair of yours is to DIE for! And you gave "liver" a far sexier interpretation than I could have imagined. Rockin!

gilliangalicia said...

Wow, did you ever knock that one out of the park! You look amazing!

Anichka Savira said...

That's a great top! I love the boots you paired it with as well. And yeah liver is not a glamorous word.

samayalin said...

That is so sexy, it should be illegal!

usuallyblonde said...

It was a challenging week but you nailed it :-). Great hair!

Eliza said...

Well it ain't chopped liver!
No, seriously, you are absolutely stunning in these photos, whatever color it is!

Laura18 Streeter said...

What Rudh said...
Great shots and very sexy!
/me is jealous..
hugs ♥Lau

ayakofirecaster said...

Hoky hotness! You make liver look seriously hun. WTG!