Laila Laperriere

Sunday, October 17, 2010

*COCO* Group Gift.

*On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, with a fire log on and a glass of chardonnay I logged on to find a notice from Coco's. The card was thanking her group customers for our support and she had a gift for us. After seeing what it was, I put down that glass of wine and hit teleport real quick like. Well, after waiting at the store for a while for lag to clear (seems others had the same idea I and after a crash,  I finally made it back and clicked on the group gift that read parka. I went back home to put it on, and wait..wha you say? Why are my girls all out there in the open? Where is the shirt that goes with the parka? Uh oh..well Laila, if you had waited at the store long enough you would have seen just a few spaces down from the parka was the gray tshirt you needed as well to complete the outfit. A quick something to throw on to cover the girls, I jammed back to Cocos and clicked on the tshirt. This always cracks me up, when I wish to put an outfit together and you forget something you needed to complete the look. In my case I realized I still had the shoes left over from the last outfit I had on. My hair was sticking through the back of the hoodie and it never fails, the store hasnt completely rezzed, you cant move for some reason,and plenty of people around to see, so you just stand there looking..goofy. Ohh goodness, just hurry and rez store so I can get my shirt and get the heck out of here to put myself together!  Really though, its all good, and a part of SL weve all grown to have patience with (yah right). In the end what matters is that it all turned out just fine.=)
I would like to thank the owner of Coco's for her generous gifts to her group. I have been a forever fan of this designer. Now get to Coco's and pick up this cute jacket, but dont forget, you need the shirt to!


Parka..(fleece jacket) *Coco*  (NEW group gift)
Shirt..*Coco* (group gift)
Jeans..*League* Garage jeans in cool blue
Hair..*Truth* Josephine in Espresso
Skin..*Laqroki* Elena in Nougat
Pic taken at Body Language sim