Laila Laperriere

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Designer Challenge

Strawberry Singh had an interesting blog this week. She challenged us to name our favorite designer. I have many that fills my inventory, but there is one designer I do adore. She owns the shop
"A La Folie" her name is Prixivor Allen and she makes the prettiest dresses. Complete femininity, swirly, girlie and frilly. I also like how she doesn't put granny drawers under the dresses. I realize granny drawers are needed beneath the shorter version of dresses. But somehow Prixivor has gone beyond the typical and has designed cute panties to match the dresses and still does the job of covering up and blending. Another benefit to this designer is her items are trans! We just don't see that to often anymore.

Ive put my fav "A La Folie" girlie dress here. It is very pink and makes me want a stick of bubble yum bubble gum =)   But..then it is breast awareness month, so think pink!  Thank you Berry for this challenge, it was fun!!


Dress..*A La Folie*  Pink Lady-Courte
Shoes..*Lelutka* Saffron pumps, electric pink
Earrings..*Creamshop* Glam earring  pink Medium
Nails..*Prim Nails* Classic french.
Hair..*Maitreya* Siri  ebony.
Skin..*Laqroki*  Elena  cocoa.
Shape..*Laqroki* ShpV (tweaked by me)
Pose..*Glitterati* (first pic) *Poseur* (second pic)