Laila Laperriere

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gos and Grace, what a beautiful combination.

Gospel Voom has come out with the most beautiful and elegant heels. They are named after Hollywood starlets, which I think is so fitting. The pair I am wearing is called Grace. They are a strappy, sexy pair of heels and the color is bronze. I honestly did not know where to start with these gorgeous creations, there are so many details I love about them. So, instead I will gush about my favorite part of these shoes! I am loving the hud that comes with your purchase. Get this.. I did not have to try and match up my ankles/feet to my legs, the easy to use hud has a webpage you can go to, with over 250 designer skins in the data base.  When your finished choosing the skin color's, it uploads into the hud. (Mine were Belleza's Ava in Tan, and Glam Affair's Jamaica and Africa tones.)  It is as simple as a click of a button and your finished! I am enjoying mine, and I know you will enjoy yours as well.
Instead of the inworld link, I am adding the Gos blog link, just so you can check out the selection of Hollywood glams for yourself.
Gos Boutique

Hair/D!va/Sayaka2/Brown Diamond
Mesh Hands/SLink/Casual