Laila Laperriere

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Casual weekend.

Although SL is our fantasy, and we can dress however we want and for whatever reason, my favorite is dressing Laila how I would dress myself in real life.
This is a casual look I put together and liked the outcome of it, especially the hat/hair combo from Iconic Hair. Thank you to the designer Neveah Niu! I wish more hair designers would make combos like these.  I know you can't see the hair to well in this photo, but the fedora dips below one eye, and has a simple, but classic bun in the back with a few whispys.  The hair comes in several different variations of the shade you purchase along with the matching hair bases. The hat itself comes "with" several different colors, all to match just about anything in your wardrobe. If you want a hair that isn't mesh, and enjoy beautiful flexi pieces in all the right places, I highly recommend Iconic hair. And if you LOVE curly hair, Neveah has some new "realistic" releases for curly headed lovers.
If you will scooch on down to this silk top by Erratic, it has to be one of the best "go to's" in my inventory. This well made mesh top goes with skirts, dress pants, jeans and shorts. As far as the jeans in my photo, there are only a few I like. I have come across pairs of pants where the mesh crotch looks like it belonged on a man instead of a woman. I can't say that about these L&B mesh jeans, and the rear image is pretty cute to. These were a gift from someone who knows what a butt is suppose to look like in a pair of jeans! Any girl who likes a good pair of "grab your booty" jeans needs these, you won't be disappointed.( They also make them for men and equally as good)  Gos boots..what can't I say about them? I could go on and on about Gos shoes. I have the Hunter ankle and Equestrian full boot, and love them both. The modern accessories are added by Mandala and Maxi Gossamer. Two of the most awesome jewelry designers on the grid.
 To sum it all up, I suppose over 50K items in my inventory isn't such a bad thing after all. =)

Hat/Hair/Iconic/Casa Blanca/Café Au Lait
Top/Erratic/Amy Silk Top/White
Jeans/Lapointe&Bastchild (L&B)/Womens Mesh Jeans/Distressed/Boot Cut
Boots/Gos/Hunter Ankle Boot/Black
Earrings/Maxi Gossamer (MG)/Suri Black Pearls in Silver