Laila Laperriere

Monday, November 19, 2012

Twist's Croptop

Just a casual day and a new croptop made by a friend of mine, Twist. She has put the cutest designs  on them, so far "locked and loaded" is my fav. But you can check out the rest on her link below. Can I just tell you about this woman? She has one of the biggest and softest hearts I have come across. She is very involved in the relay for life inworld, and cancer should be very afraid of her, because if possible, she would go off on cancer with one of her high powered weapons, wiping it from the face of the world. I adore her heart and caring ways, and I always leave laughing when I talk to her. 
Its funny how peope come into your life and make a difference, like my friend Twist.
Here is her marketplace link, check her out! Twisted Tanks  by TWISTMY Gears.

Skin/Glam Affair/Roza
Tattoo's/Para/Elven/Leti's kitty cat
Jeans/Maitreya/ skinny zippered
Shirt tied around waist/ES Style
Bangle/Glow Studio/boyfriends watch & bangle
Pose/Diesel Works

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TWISTMY Gears said...

Thank you so much Laila and I sure enjoy creating new things to wear and to share in my shop. I'm glad you're having fun with them and of course you look bloody rawkin hawt as always.
YES cancer is my enemy and it must die forever. It effects us ALL and I encourage others to join my team and fight it together. 2012 all teams combined we raised over $348,984 USD. Its time for cancer to stop stealing our loved ones. NEVER SURRENDER