Laila Laperriere

Sunday, September 2, 2012

~Wk 36~ Hot Cinnamon

This week's color for the challenge is a cozy, fall color that puts a desire in me to decorate my house and myself for fall. Although, I do believe I will pass on decorating myself and leave the color to my photo this week. How long do you think it will be before we begin to see holiday sweaters? You know, the ones with little fall decorations on each corner of the sweater, maybe some bows in a fall color. I really have no problem with these sweaters as long as they aren't stretched out from wearing them every year for the past 10 years, and they do not smell like moth balls, because of where they are stored. I once knew a man who had a fall sweater he wore every year. And every year, when he would come into the bank, I would sit across my desk and look at the same hole in the left sleeve of that sweater, and every year it got bigger and bigger, and so did he. I wonder now, does he still have that sweater or did he finally toss it. I would hope it is gone by now, but..then that is probably why the frugal gentleman had money to deposit in the bank. He kept everything he owned. Ahh well, to each his own. And for the record I had one of those sweaters I wore for Christmas. In each corner it had either a present with a bow, a nutcracker soldier, or a bell. All this on bright red. So, not only could you see me coming, but you could hear me as well. It didn't have a hole in it, but the button in the center gapped, creating a "window" inside to whatever color brasierre I was wearing that day. But hey, my gap looked better than the frugal gentlemans hole. HA!

Anyone else have or had one of these sweaters? =)   


Skin/League / Isla/Dark/Champagne.     By Nena Janus

Eyes/IKON/ Horizon eyes/Dark Brown.   By Ikon Innovia

Hair/D!va /Viviene/Blk Diamond.       By Marisa Kira

Top/Maitreya / Cupio/Burnt Orange.      By Onyx LeShelle

Shades/Mon Tissu / Harlow.     By Anouk Spot

Earrings/Mandala / Iroha.   By kikunosuke Eel

Bracelet/League / Wanderer. By Nena Janus

Hands/SLink .   By Siddean Munro

Pose/!Bang.  By Trieste Minuet



Nicandra Laval said...

super beautiful picture Laila.Love those shades. Beautiful eyes hair jewelry. And that backgroud)))

Sama Yalin said...

Very pretty! But you seem to be dressed more for summer then fall :)

As for Christmas sweaters...I never owned one. Must be an american tradition.

Rudhmellowen said...

AD-OR-A-BLEEEEEEE, nuff said LOL!!!