Laila Laperriere

Monday, June 18, 2012

~Wk 25~ UnMellow Yellow

When I saw this weeks color, the song Mellow Yellow kept playing through my head.  I didnt keep to the original color this time around. It was in the beginning, but I began clicking buttons in photoshop and this was the result of it. I had discovered a little this and a little of that. Obviously "this" changed the bright color and I am not sure what "that" was. LOL. I clicked so many buttons I dont remember. HA! I guess that just goes along with being my age. =)

Speaking of age........
My birthday was this past week, and I turned a whopping 51! (YIKES!) Anytime now, would be great for birthdays to slow the heck down, trust me I am not in any hurry for the next one!  After this next week I wont really be around much or really at all. I will be recovering from having "a little" work done. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers bloggers. Thank you and I loves you all.

Bunny outfit and accessories/Hucci/Cocktail bunny/ For collabor 88

I know I plurked this photo the day of my birthday, but I wanted to share this fav photo of mine with all of you. The story behind this photo..The crown is a cheapy dollar store find I keep in my curio cabinet for my girls to wear when it is our birthdays. After the celebration, the crown goes back in the curio and sits upon one of my tinkerbell music boxes. (Ive collected tinkerbelles for many years)

The expression on my grandbabies face cracks me up, because she looks so much like her daddy with her brooding little expression. She had just gotten up from a nap and wasnt in a smiling mood. That was until she saw the crown and wanted to put it on to. When I told her, its Grammy's birthday, she grabbed my face and kissed me. Ohhh what lifes simple pleasures, something small like this can bring!


Mayala Loon said...

sings you a late Happy-Birthday-song ;-)
Is it the crown or why do you look so young? ... not like a granny at all ... and really beautiful ... you sure don't have to worry about your next birthdays ;-)
wishing you all the best for the time to come

Rudhmellowen said...

Sings along with Maya! You dont look old enough to be a gran, she's right and you know I've always thought that you being that age was a lie hehe!! Happy Birthday for this past week and good luck with the time to come you hot sexeh bunny you!

Anonymous said...

A very very late Happy Birthday to you dear. No way in heck are you old enough to be a grandma. You look just beautiful!