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Thursday, November 3, 2011

~Pygmy Puff!~

I was pleasantly surprised today when a friend and co blogger gave me this sweet and adorable gift. She is a miniature puffskin, and with an adorable face, this little pygmy puff resembles a fluffy powder puff. She has found my shoulder to be her new home,and likes to snuggle under my chin. I have named her Miss Emily, because she just looks like a beautiful English rose whose name would be Emily. And oh my does she have quite the attitude, and as you can see, she has already become quite fond of the camera. Her little tongue flicks out and her ear twitches. From what I hear she is loved by the witches and warlocks, and eats warlocks bugeys for her appetite along with other little critters. Hmm, I think that might have to change, and hopefully soon, once I introduce her to starbucks, sushi and mickey D's!

Thank you Rudh for this lovely gift. Miss Emily will be loved by me as much as I love you!


Pygmy Puff/ !Ohmai Emporium


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Rudhmellowen said...

Awww Lails I am so glad you love her, hehe the fact you called her Emily seems to suit her very well and she seems to enjoy being sat on your shoulder! The attitude is all me btw LOL *hugs*