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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Grannie The Groupie"

This is Grannie, and she loves the bad boys of rock and roll "Aerosmith."  Years ago, I took her to one of their concerts, and while waiting up in our nose bleed seats for her to come back from the "little girls room", to my embarrassment, she had made it past security and ON STAGE, while they were belting out "Love in an Elevator." It wasnt bad enough she had her aqua color "go go" boots on, but she had her lighter lit as well. I had told her when I gave her the lighter.."Grannie, you are only suppose to flic the bic when they sing  Dream On!"  Well, I suppose she got a little confused. "The policemen were very nice to me" she stated, while being escorted to the back of a patrol car. But, she didnt care for the plastic seats they had, and let them know in her own pointy finger way, they should have something nicer for citizens to sit in. "After all" she scolded, "it is the tax payers who provide them with the cars they drive!"
After picking up Grannie from the police station, she sang a part of this song...that somehow became one of Shay's "Hero Blogger Challenge".....

                                                   Love in an elevator, livin it up when I am goin down
                                                       Love in an elevator, lovin it up till I hit the ground.

Clipped From..Aerosmith "Love in an Elevator" video. (YouTube)

Grannie is wearing a shape, skin and hair from WRIGGLESWORTH

All items were found on SL Marketplace.


Rudhmellowen said...

OH MY GOD LAILA I FREAKING LOVE THIS WOMAN... that's so funny!!!! I wanna go with granny to concerts, she seems like my kinda girl!!!!

Simone/ said...

*lmao* Shay here, love the grannie groupie..great idea <333