Laila Laperriere

Saturday, January 1, 2011

*2011 & Silver*


Skin..*Mojo*  Alba 3.0 in Cocoa.

Hair..*Analog Dog*  Nadia in Black (hair base worn, free at Analog Dog).

Dress..*Zaara*   Acira mini dress in Silver.

Shoes..*Maitreya*  Foxy in Silver.

Earrings and Bracelets..*Mandala*  Pearl Rain Set in Onyx

Poses..*SEmotion*  Modelka Poses.

Can you believe a year has come and gone already?  Are we a year wiser? I know I am! Over six months ago I started to read all your fantastic blogs and how could I not become inspired to start my own? It has been a process to learn, but I am learning. I believe that is what I love the most about blogging, the wonderful ideas you pick up from the creative minds of bloggers. Thank you for your inspiration, especially to our Ms Luna and her "Color Challenge!"  This week is number 9 and the color is Silver, so befitting for New Years.
When I think of New Years Eve, I remember my past and the ritual of gettng ready to go out for the night. The excitement of purchasing a new sexy dress, heels, makeup..traditional diva attire, although back in the day we had never heard of the title...diva. Dancing all night with your girlfriends, making fun of the dude who danced like a white guy, usually this would be the drunk dufus head who would try and crash your tight circle of you and your girls, and he would be the one who usually tried to steal a kiss from one of you at midnite.

Fast forward years later, the couch, a soft blaze in the fireplace,  cozy pair of pjs, champagne and a weenie dog that likes to steal my couch throw makes my New Years Eve. Watching  "Dick Clark's Rockin Eve" thinking WOW! New York Times Square, is the place to be on such a fabulous night. Then I see those blue clacker things people hold onto and think.hmm, those look like they would hurt if someone accidentally or deliberately  smacked you on the back of the head. And I doubt I would have worn those "Nivea" blue mad hatter hats. Just minutes after midnite and finishing what champagne was left, the tv turned off  and the weenie dog in my arms heading for bed. Ahhh yah, this is the life. =)


Mayala Loon said...

smexy outfit again ;-)
... and yeah ... my new years eve changed too, compared with earlier years, ...
a nice Dinner with some neighbours ... fireworks with the kids ... and no staying up till the sun is back ... lol...
But I like it ;-)

Laila Laperriere said...

Ty Mayala!
Ahh, but the keyword you said is.."But I like it" Your in good, so do I! LOL

Asia Romano said...

Fabulous blog Ms Laperriere, Happy New Year to you may 2011 be filled with love, happiness and shoesssss :))

Luna Jubilee said...

You look so fabulous!

Laila Laperriere said...

Asia....oohh you know it, SHOES!! BAHAHHAHAHAA!!
Thank you so much! XoXo

Ms Luna..thank you dear lady!