Laila Laperriere

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is new from *Gothicatz* It is called Elvira and the description states it is a vampire dress. Which, it could very much so be. But, to me it had a gypsy flair to it, and could see an older hair I had from *Bish* giving it that very "Esmeralda" look. I have a full pic of the dress so you can see the flexi lace of the skirt that swirls about in black lace peek a boo panels with pink ribbon piping. And then I have a closeup of the bodice, which really is detailed beautifully from the delicate floral band neckline that travels completely around the neck, (and my favorite) the black lace fingerless gloves and laced arm attachments, with a sweet tied bow on either arm. Honestly, the picture (even in the shop) does not do this dress justice. It is gorgeous on!!!


Skin..*Laqroki* Elena, nougat.
Eyes..*Madesigns* Winter (nature line)
Hair..*Bish* Toss me around.. in expresso
Nails..*Colour Choice* Sculpted nails in lace.
Earrings..*Indyra Originals* Trifecta
Tattoo..*Garden of Ku* Wired garden
Dress and gloves..*GothiCatz* Elvira (New)
Boots..*Bax* Ankle boots in black patent leather.
Tights..*Sheer* In contrast black