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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's all about the bootay

A few weeks ago I purchased these mesh jean shorts from Redgrave. I have no idea if they are new or not, but, was a must have after I saw how well they look on. If your a booty girl, (like myself) then, you are going to love these shorts. They come with an assortment of textures and colors, studs on the back pocket and a studded bangle to match. And just to add to the booty look, wouldn't you know Rogan Diesel came out with two sets of new poses, many of them paying attention to the backside of our beautiful avi's. =)

A few new items I have on are the Elvis inspired shades by Boom called Begas. They are unisex and very stylish for anytime of the year. Attached is a nice hud for lens and frame colors. And finally, at last! Our hair god Truth Hawks has made the cutest baseball cap/hair combo. The hat comes with a hud for changing textures, making it easy to wear this combo often, and matching them up (or not) to your apparel.


Hair/Hat Combo/Truth/Jolene/Light Blondes
Shades/Boom/Begas Shades
Teeth/Open Mouth/PXL
Bikini top/Paper Doll/Ruffly Kini/Cherry     For the Arcade Event
Denim shorts & Bangle/Redgrave/Mesh jeans hotpants with studs
Satchel/ DDL/Little Secrets/Red
Pose/Diesel Animations/Beth  
Location Sim/It All Starts With A Smile

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