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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

~Three things I wish for in SL~Berry's Meme

Here is this week's meme from Strawberry Singh, it has to do with 3 wishes for your Second Life.

1.  I wish Second Life would have a better public profile in the media world.
     What would thrill me, is to see the media show off the fashion world of SL. From
     clothes, shoes, hair, skin and jewelry. I would like to see the artists who spend their time creating
     such items get there just reward by good, positive publicity. I would also like to see the promotion
     of SL musicians and dance makers in the public eye, and give them credit as well.

2. I wish Linden Labs patrolled our community better. I would like to see the thieves who steal
    a designers hard work have to pay a fine to Linden Lab and the designers. I wish beggers who
    make alt after alt and beg for money, are dealt with in a quick manner, so that designers do not
     have to take it upon themselves to put signs up asking us to ignore such people. And above all
    else I wish Linden Lab had a way of tracking down convicted or registered sex offenders and
    get them the hell out of Second Life....period!

3. I wish more designers/creators would give interviews to those who blog their work. Imagine
    reading about your favorite designer's. I don't know about you, but I can.  Berry has done
   quite a few interviews with people who make our SL a more beautiful place, and it is so
   interesting to see what made them join a virtual world, and what made them want to design
   skin, hair, jewelry, clothes, shoes, eyes, animations, modeling poses, home and garden
   builders. In other words, just about everything we love to spend our lindens on.

    Thank you Berry, I agreed with you on your first one, SL needs more positive publicity.

Exile/Hair/Fire to the rain/ Natural Fusion      For Fameshed
MG/Tiara/Everyday Tiara                For Fameshed
MG/Necklace/Keshi pearl heart
Zaara/Chaitra/Chiffon dress/Lilac      For Fameshed
SLink/Mesh hands/Natural hands

1 comment:

Strawberry Singh said...

Absolutely love the image, you look beautiful! Also, your wishes were great and now you got me thinking about #3 more. I might have to do more of those, they are definitely fun!