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Thursday, April 4, 2013

5-SL Pet Peeves Meme

   Strawberry Singh actually has pet peeves? I am so glad, because I do to, and here they are...........

1.  Outsiders who spam groups.  I believe this is almost as rude as begging for lindens.

2.  Random TP's for a dj event. And the tps I hate worse are the ones not in english. I have no idea what
      they are saying.

3.  You see a nice photo but upon closer look....
      A) HAIR! With a variety of options from the latest in mesh hair to photo editing software, there is no        
           reason why your hair should be poking through your shoulders or chest.
       B) What is wrong with your eyes?! There is a free Anypose hud (SL Marketplace) you
            can use to keep from looking like your eyes are crossed or you have a blind stare.

4)   Girl please, pull them drawers up!  Although I have seen only a few sexy photographs with those          
     stretched out panties around the thighs, leaving your virtual home in them is a whole different story. I    
     mean think about it, if you did that in real life, you would have to walk with your legs spread out just to    
     keep them down.

5)    SL Marketplace. I use to purchase 90 percent of my items through marketplace. But, they seem to
       vanish in my inventory, which makes it awkward for me to notify the designer. The ones I have notified
        have been quick to get back to me, but still...should this be happening? I do majority of my shopping
       within the stores now. And this can be time consuming, especially if your limited time wise.
Thanks Berry! Now go back to pooping rainbows! =)

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Strawberry Singh said...

lol I am definitely going back to pooping rainbows! Thanks for participating and sharing your peeves. <3

Me said...

Lol, thanks for sharing Laila. Also, your share helped me find that HUD you mentioned, woot. Love it!