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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Suit & Tie

I love Justin Timberlake's video to his new hit tune Suit & Tie.  This video has a brat pack feel to it but with a modern flair. I was inspired to do a photograph after watching the "girl in the black lingerie" seductively dance with a microphone in the video. I love little twists like that!

Anyways, with somewhat of a busy schedule lately, the inspiration stayed in the back of my mind of putting together a photo, and I thought oh well, someday I will do it. That someday came around late last night, when usually, at two in the am I am catching z's. But, it goes like this. You see, yesterday I had a busy day, and by the mid afternoon I was feeling tired.  I knew a tall Starbucks mocha latte on ice would get me through while I finished the last of my shopping, and before I hit the dance studio. As I stood in line (because you know there is always a line at Starbucks) looking at the menu, I wondered how I could save calories if I went up a size on the drink. I opted for a venti skinny mocha with half the calories. What I did not think about was I have been off caffeine for over a month, I have no idea why I chose a venti caffeinated drink, over a tall,but, oh well I did. I finished everything I needed to with a Jody Arias FOG moment, and flew through the rest of the day/evening without a hitch. Amazing how caffeine can effect you when your not use to it. So, here I was, late at night,wide awake from my caffeine buzz, logged in to SL, and flicking through marketplace to find what I needed for this now stuck in the front of my mind "inspiration." I might add that it wasn't easy. Most microphone poses are performing poses, which they should be, but I needed something with more sexy and less sing your heart out. After a through search I decided on a Deminations pose. I found this sexy lingerie set by Olivia Yokosuka and for 99L this mesh set is very well made.  The stilettos were a must and I used N-Core's Triumph's that were already hanging around in my inventory. The hair was difficult. In the video her face is somewhat covered, but, you do see a glimpse of hair with movement and bangs. I chose one I've had for sometime by Truth Hawks minus the bow. I used the pretty Ava skin by Belleza and the hands were by my favorite mesh hand maker SLink. The rest of the picture taking and editing in photoshop ended in the wee hours of the morning. And now, without any more typing, here is the photo, and dont forget to check out the video to. I remember when JT use to have such curly hair it looked like a mini blonde fro, hmm, well, not anymore! When did he grow up and look so damn fine?

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