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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

~50~ Shades of Sexy Challenge/Cotton Candy

Shiloh has nailed it with a challenge called 50 Shades of Sexy. This isn't like any color challenge in the past. No, this is a hot, sexy challenge that would make Christian Gray's head turn. It begins with "Cotton candy." How can you not think of that soft, billowy, sweetness that sticks to your fingers, and you can't wait to lick off. My version is pink, because for some reason I love pink cotton candy better than blue. But the candy part stuck in my head, and there was a song that kept going through my mind from one of TV's classic couples. Making this adorable video a must to find. I think it puts the "candy" on top!



Skin/Belleza/ Ava/Tan       New
Hair/Exile/Stay The Night/Raven      New
Night Shirt/Dollle/Striped Boyfriend Shirt

1 comment:

Sama Yalin said...

LOL why am I not surprised to see you in this particular challenge? I'm sure it was started with you in mind ;)

You look amazing in cotton candy :)