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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~JK Trends~

Two new lovely designs by the designer Jackeline Kronfeld for JK Trends.  In the first photo, I have on the adorable tulp print dress with the coral pumps Jackeline made. You know I love to match up items, and isnt it so perfect that Truth Hawks Uma hair matches the dress in a sweet fade tone color, called cupcake. I AM IN LOVE with this second dress from Jacklene created. It is is a beautiful boho kaftan dress. I love the sleeves on this dress, and the texture is so pretty. Ive paired this one up with stockings and the new hunter ankle boots by Gospel Voom . I thought the purse by Indyra Originals went well with the boots, and finally a chance to use it in this weeks blog post. I know those Gos shades are hot, leave it to Gospel Voom to make a beautiful pair of texture changing shades and then call them..deception.

Months ago, I said I was done wearing the Pussy Galore do by Shag.  I dont believe I took it off for weeks. But, I lied, because it is honestly one of my favs to wear, especially for photographs. The accessories I am wearing goes as follows..The necklace in the first photo is from JK Trends, The ring is from Maxi Gossamer and the rest you see in the second photo is from Mandala . Hope you all have a good rest of the week, TGIF is only a few days away. We finally have fall weather in Southern Calif, in fact tonite it is suppose to rain! So, excuse me while I leave the blog world and slip into my pj's, light a fire, and drink some pinot grigio. Good night!


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