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Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Olympics & Collabor88

Celebrations seems to be theme for this week. With the 2012 Olympics coming to an end in the real world, and the first year anniversary for Collabor88  in world. Indyra Originals made these cute mesh I (heart) unity complete outfits, and that sweet looking minnie mouse hat can be sold seperately with a color changing bow. So spoken by a girl who lives close to the magic kingdom!  I think what sets this spirited outfit off are the funky shades by Pididdle, which happen to come in many other colors to! The closing ceremony for the Olympics is tomorrow night, and in a way, I am sad to see all this competitive talent come to an end. As proud as I am of our country in bringing home so many medals, I have to say England was the most gracious host of this competion and what a beautiful country she really is.


Skin/League / Isla/ Dark/Opal by Nena Janus

Hair/D!va/Manon/ by Marisa Kira
Shades/Pididdle/Fleurir/ by Brutus Martinek
Both found at collabor88 / by Drinkinstein Sorbet

Tank, Shorts, Ears with color changing bow (also comes with over the knee striped socks, not shown)
Indyra Originals/ by Indyra Seigo

Earrings/Mandala/ Luck Earrings/ by kikunosuke Eel

Dog tags necklace/MG / by Maxi Gossamer

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