Laila Laperriere

Saturday, April 28, 2012

~Wk 18~ Thistle

One of my favorite colors has a name "Thistle", and it happens to be this weeks choice for the Color Challenge. It reminds me of a popsicle push up pop I love. I tried to find a picture of the push up pop, but, with no luck. Lots of orange sherbet photos (eww), but none of my fav. Ever wonder why popsicles have so many of the orange and green colors, and not enough of the red and banana ones? I know it is a different subject, was just something that popped into my head. Anyway, here is my photo, and I love this newer hair by "Shag" so much I cant quite part with it just yet. The style is called pussy galore, but I think it has a little Christina Aguilarish thing goin on..what do you think?


Skin/League/Jen/Sunkiss/Pink Champagne Makeup/Blond Brows

Hair/Shag/Pussy Galore/Bombshell w/Roots

Eyes/ID/Gem Eyes/Sunset/   (April Group Gift)

Sweater/E!/Snuggly Sweater/Thistle   (Mesh)



Bourbon Zenovka said...

Wasn't Pussy Galore some hottie in a James Bond movie? Then someone made a spoof of the Bond movies, and one of the girls was named "Dixie Normous." LOL! Anyway, you look great, and that hair is awesome!

Laura18 Streeter said...

hmmm.... hair by Shag... called Pussy galore... but I'M the brat. Okkayyyyy.... Love you too Laila!
Anyway you look great!

kaelynalecto said...

I can see why this color is a favorite! You look so pretty in it! The skin is perfect on you too! I love it! Great post sweetie! ♥

Asia Romano said...

The colour suits you perfectly. Great pic, it has a dreamy quality to it :)

mscrankypants said...

Shag hair rocks, as do you this week!

Jasmine Ballinger

Nicandra Laval said...

oooh Laila such a beautiful picture and you are looking adorable !!! super