Laila Laperriere

Monday, April 16, 2012

~Wk 16~ Bright Turquoise

One of my favorite colors is turquoise, and I was glad it was chosen for week number 16 of the color challenge.  I know Ive gushed about Nena Janus new skin, but I LOVE it so much! Everything about this skin is one of the best I have seen this spring. I suppose what draws me to her beside the exquisite body detail, is the minimal makeup used that has been blended to perfection. HA! sounds like a recipe. A yummy one!

The bathing suit worn is by Gizza, and you just can't go wrong with anything they have!   The hair I saved for last to talk about. This style by Catwa is called Hayfa, and it comes in 3 different ways you can wear it. Two are with slight strands of hair across the face and neck, the third is without the strands, but you still get that soft windblown look, making this one of the perfect do's for taking photos.


Skin/League/Jen/Suntan/Pink Champagne makeup and E cleavage.


Eyes/IKON/Verdigris/Group Gift

Bikini w/wrap/Gizza/ Monokini/floral aqua

Earrings/je suis/Raye

Photo taken at Crossings urrents/133/134/52


Ayako said...

Beautiful beach look Laila! I love that hair!

Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw pretty, both the skin, hair and kini!
Where were you? We missed you :P

mscrankypants said...

I didn't even think of doing a beach picture with turquoise, but I'm glad you did as it's great.

Jasmine Ballinger

Rudhmellowen said...

Smoking Hot Lails... least you have the sea to cool you down! That is a perfect beach look too! You look awesome!

Sama Yalin said...

And sexy Laila is back!
Just make sure you don't give any men a heartattack ;)