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Thursday, March 15, 2012

GLUE INK = a cute shop!

Recently, I came across a great urban shop named GLUE INK . I found this through one of our beautiful bloggers Eliza, her blog can be found here at Fashion, Faces and Virtual places in Second Life .
Great urban clothes for guys, girls, and some great ink to! Definately worth checking out, if you havent already. This is an outfit I tossed together, stemming from finding shown hat/hair combo while going through my inventory and thought..hmm, when did I get that? Love moments like that.



Hair/Hat/Action Hair/Penny/Coal

Tattoo/GLUE INK/ Tink

Top/Body Cult/ Penny Navajo

Pants/GLUE INK/ Young Rich Famous Check, baggy shorts

Arm warmers/BOOM


Stockings/Socks/MPS/Ripped Stockings and Socks

Nails/Mandala/ Colour Choice/Med length

Ring/Je Suis  / Gothique

Necklace/Fusion / Chained Pearl Necklace


Sim/ The Warehouse District-Urban RolePlay City

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