Laila Laperriere

Saturday, February 4, 2012

~Wk 5~ Alice Blue

 One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
 When she's ten feet tall

 And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall
Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call
Recall Alice
When she was just small

~Jefferson Airplane/White Rabbit~

Our choice of color for the 52 WOCC  is Alice Blue. The first thing that popped into my mind was Alice in Wonderland. I have a feeling more than a few had the same thought this week.  I wasn't impressed with the colors I was finding in marketplace, and decided to portray a beloved character from a movie we all have grown up with.
No, not Alice the maid from the Brady Bunch, but that would have ben fun to do HA! I am speaking of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Yet, instead of the typical clock watcher we have seen in the past, I wanted my own spin on it, especially after a song that kept running through my head. I found the video and posted it, hope you get to check it out. One more thing, I feel my funny bunny had to be high on something when he put these hat and glasses together.


White Rabbit/Grim Bros
Tie/Nymphoto/Bow Tie


Nicandra Laval said...

oh yeahhhhhhhh that super song !!!!!!!!!! i am back in that time hearing it .... super Laila

Rudhmellowen said...

Love seeing ytou looking a little different this so SO CUTEEEEEE.... I'd follow you down the rabbit hole!!!

Laura18 Streeter said...

OMG you must have put quite some work in this one Laila! Cuuute! I agree with Rudhie :P

Sama Yalin said...

LOL it's Laila, but not as we know her! You are a perfectly wacky rabbit :)

Ygrey Auer said...

A rabbit! So cute!

Bourbon Zenovka said...

I want what your funny bunny was having! Very imaginative:)

Ayako said...

What a creative idea! I love your bunny!

Anichka Savira said...

Love your bun! So cute.

Alexandra said...

wonderful idea !

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

LOL that's so cute and creative Laila! xxx