Laila Laperriere

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I love a grand finale. At the end of most fashion shows, there is the bride. Brides are beautiful, I cannot recall if I have ever seen an unattractive one. When the color of cream was announced for this week's challenge, I thought of two things. One was a tune made famous by Prince, the other was my favorite color for a bridal gown. I chose this beautiful gown by LMC and now I can say, the one item I have never had in my inventory is there. And will begin to collect dust before it is ever worn again. Hmm, wouldnt it be nice to display it in a pretty box, like we do in our real lives?





Wedding gown/LMC/Luxury Bride/Cream

Jewelry/Zaara/Nizam Jhunmka

Flower bouquet/ CW

*Photo taken at Renaissance Galleria Sim


samayalin said...

Good idea Laila! You make a very pretty bride :)

bourbiedoll said...

So true, never an unattractive bride. And that picture! Could be displayed in place of the dress in a box:)

Nicandra Laval said...

oh my goodness.. awesome look Laila..that dress has such a nice texture.. the light shines in it.. may be we can find you a nice men in sl .. so you can wear this dress again ;) bye bye Nic

gilliangalicia said...

Ooh, you make a beautiful bride! I love the lace overlay on the dress. Just stunning. Of course, now I want to go out and buy a SL wedding dress that I will never wear.

inkie Loudwater said...

Now I wanna get married :DDD
Stunning dress and great picture
I Love your blog
<33 inkie Loudwater

Asia Romano said...

Beautiful dress and picture. Your blog is just great :)

Anichka Savira said...

I have seen unattractive brides but you are definitely not one of them. Gorgeous!