Laila Laperriere

Friday, October 7, 2011

~Wk 49~ Say WHAT? NO! Say WENGE!

Week 49 of the 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge brings to us Wenge. No, you read that right, no misspelling. The color is  called Wenge. The only way I can explain this color is a little bit of taupe and good lord I cant believe I am saying this. It was one color I was glad to see go, only because of the name, and that is...liver. Anyway, it is a cross between those two colors and this is what I came up with. With this one week old hair from TRUTH HAWKS , I think Laila has a Goldie Hawn look tonite.

Check out the last picture. I picked this sweet bracelet up at MIEL, and it is a gift! It comes with a hud to change letters to numbers, or vice versa, and a few, cute added charms. I put a group name in there  that has been a part of my life for the past year. XoX

After reading our Ms Luna's blog, she stated she had one rule during this challenge, and reminded us of this"only" one rule, that we CAN kill her. Ohh wait, did I read that wrong? Hmm, where are my glasses when I need them. I know you can't see me, but I am smiling writing this, in knowing how much we love Luna. She has helped us, encouraged us and remained to be our faithful leader.
For the record, the rule stated under no circumstances can we kill her, no matter what the color was for the week. Doubt that would have even been an issue Ms Luna. Happy Weekend Bloggers!


Skin/LAQ/Linnea/Nougat/Lt Brows

Hair/TRUTH/Luana/LtBlondePack/Seaspray (see store link above)

Tattoo/HUZ / Mythik

Sweater/d.Select /Bulky wool sweater (deetalez)  NEW
Pants/d. Select/Pants high rise hotpants/Grey  NEW
Tights/d.Select/Nylon tights/Grey     NEW

Nails/Rings/MANDALA / Takara

Shades/KALNIN's / Seducenta

Bracelet/MIEL/CHUM Bracelet (see store link above)

Handbag/ISON /Kabuki Crocodile Tote/Onyx

Boots/ MB / Sculpted Winter Boots/Taupe/Night


Laura18 Streeter said...

OMG I WANT that bracelet!!
Where did you FIND it?

Anyway Laila I love your first pic! So cute and romp-y and sexy too. After this girl's heart with that purse!

Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw it helps to read the credits...

Btw I finally listened to your video here... mmm love it!

Mayala Loon said...

the bracelet definately is a hit ...
and your look HOT as always ;-)
Love it ... *hugs*

Rudhmellowen said...

AWESOME, just AWESOME!!!! You never put a foot wrong... I was a bit worried by the idea of you looking like Goldie Hawn but you look great hehe!!!!

gilliangalicia said...

Fabulous look!

Anichka Savira said...

You look so cute, I love your little booty shorts! And I have that bracelet too! I'm oddly touched that you changed it to 52 weeks! You love us!

You always have such awesome posts! And you never look less than amazing!

usuallyblonde said...

Great look, and I, um, have that bracelet too and haven't worn it.

samayalin said...

I have that bracelet too, but didn't think to use it. I really need to muck out my jewelry folder *facepalm*

Anyway, you look great!

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Ohhh what a sexy look!

Asia Romano said...

A great pic and 52woc post, cute that you changed the bracelet text too :)