Laila Laperriere

Friday, September 23, 2011

~Wk #47~

Hello! It is a usual friday evening for me, as I type out my choice of outfit for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. It is here at my desk that I write to my fellow beautiful bloggers, knowing most of them are doing the same thing, depending on what neck of the woods they are in. Does anyone ever use that phrase anymore..HA! I just aged myself..again! =)

Our color for this week was Khaki. And I have to say the first thing I thought of was safari adventure. But, that really isnt my style. Then I checked out one of my favorite fashionistas at Sugars Style  and loved these pants she was blogging. So, here we go, with a mix and match of mauve and burgundy. The selection of khaki is found in the houndstooth pants and cap. You know how difficult it is to pull hair in under a hat? Yah, I feel the same, it can really be frustrating. I used Laqroki's pony tail for a hair base. It was easy to edit, and I think the end result came out how I wanted it. A long, full pony tail. And now, I think Laila is ready to do some fly girl moves!
Have a great fall weekend bloggers.


Skin/BELLEZA/Chloe/Deep Tan (NEW)

Hat/ARGRACE /Military Cap

Hair/LAQROKI /Pony tail (to be used with a hair base)

Earrings/ HUCCI / Multi hoop earrings

Top & Bra/ ERATIC / Flicity cropped top & bra

Pants/ JP DESIGN / Formidable v2/Houndstooth  (NEW)

Shoes/JP DESIGN / High Pads

Tattoo /GOK / Kandahar Nights


Nicandra Laval said...

Super good combination you made Laila. i didn't know that khaki fits so well with the mauve/ burgundy colours. I like the total look, compliments , Nic

Sawa Gothly said...

great composition, could be my next clubbing-around-outfit :D

Rudhmellowen said...

Such an awesome look, love the casualness yet you do look like you should join a dance crew LOL

Mayala Loon said...

yep ... hair + hats can be a pita ;-P stuff again, your outfit ;-)
Autumn hit us here with sunshine, but quite fresh temperatures as well ... so in RL I'm a lot more covered now. Good that SL doesn't get real in that way ;-)

Eliza said...

You look fantastic, I love the colors. I hope that bustier is underwire, lol, you might bounce right out of it!

gilliangalicia said...

This is a fabulous look! Love the colour in the shrug and the pantlegs. Break it down!

Anichka Savira said...

You do look very fly girl, love it! Great look!

bourbiedoll said...

The hat-hair idea is brilliant. But don't let the prop-wash blow your hat off when you sail off into the wild blue :P

samayalin said...

I agree on the "hat and hair" issue. It's why I never wear a hat!

Awesome look!

Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw love it Laila! Great combination of colors indeed they look great together.
Sexay too... but watch what Eliza said LOL

Madison said...

Oh look out...Laila gettin her groove on!! Great look and khaki looks great on you!

Arya Braveheart said...

Love the outfit and the pose is perfect! I would dance in this outfit!

usuallyblonde said...

Perfect pose for your outfit this week -- great look.

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Casual and cute! Love the look!