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Thursday, July 14, 2011

m'J'd's "The Exquisite Lady"

You know, I get so excited when I find something beautiful to share with you. And I am going CRAZY  about this one!! The designer is *MJs Morigi* and she owns the store m'J'dsThis ensemble has SO many different options that can be worn, AND multiple layers!  The texture on every piece of clothing is very realistic, and can we talk about lace for a minute? I am a sucker for lace, and WOW! You should see the texture, it blew me away. You have the jacket, the skirt, suspenders, stockings, socks, shoes, garters, and the top (which can be worn normal or just a tad transparent). And then...the lace corset and panties! OMG!! I put this on and the first photo I wanted to do was an old time picture, in sepia. It reminds me of something you would see in western movie. I would say  a saloon, where the (clears throat) ladies boudoirs are upstairs?  But, if I did that photo, you really would not be able to see the true color or texture. So now that Ive given you an idea on a picture you might want to do in the future, let me sweeten this deal a little more for you.  All these pieces of clothing, multiple layers, and shoes, for a price of 390L. HELLOOOOO do we love this???!!!  I just know I am leaving something out, so I will add the SL Marketplace link for all you sexy diva's to check out. Something to consider as well, you could easily mix and match many of these items with other pieces in MJ's shop or  match it to something in our overstocked inventories.

SL Marketplace link....m'J'd's  "The Exquisite Lady"

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Earrings, Necklace, Bangle...MIEL

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