Laila Laperriere

Monday, July 11, 2011

Maitreya BF Shirt

With the sandals, heels, clothes and hair,*MAITREYA* is OFF the charts in complete hotness this summer!  I suppose by the end of this season I will have purchased every pair of these adorable gold flip flops, I should just buy the pack now and save myself some lindens.  The hud for these flip flops are so easy to use, and they really do match the skin tones with an updated skin list. The boyfriend shirt I am wearing comes in a variety of great colors, and simple to size bigger or smaller with a build in resizer for the sleeves, collar, shirt, and skirt with belt. You have the option of either a brown or black belt, and who doesnt love options? Check out the hat/ponytail combo from *DAMSELFLY* I have the straw design on, but it comes with quite a few different hat colors and it resizes just as easy as the other items I have on. I should also mention, there are tattoo versions of the hair base included.
So,if any of you witness me out and about, get used to seeing this on me, because I may never change, and its a good thing our avi's do NOT need dial!
Have a fantastic week fashion divas =)

(Direct landmark to Belleza, others are designers blog or SLMarketplace links)

    Skin...BELLEZA /Melissa

         Eyes...FASHISM/ Sunrise/Pale Azure

Hat/Ponytail...DAMSELFLY /Deven/Blk Pearl

  Shirt/Skirt...MAITREYA / BF Shirt

    Flip Flops/Anklets...MAITREYA GOLD / Pure

Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets...LEAGUE / Wanderer



LisaMun Aronowicz said...

Ohh you look so chic in that ensemble! And it was a great idea to match all that with flip flops! Love the whole look!

Rudhmellowen said...

Ooooh Damn... I need to sit near a fan now, that picture of you is just HAWT in any form imaginable... I love the way you put that look together and feel that there may be a possible copycat in the future hehe... Miaow! xoxoxo