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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 Okay, call me slow, or where have you been Laila? But..I have a new FAV accessory shop!  I was checking out my girls blogs, seein whats new, when I came across *SUGAR'S STYLE* . Sugar is the bomb when it comes to displaying skins, clothes and accessories, I would be lost without her bloggy to inspire me.  She had this adorable belt on, and I had to find it. Little did I know where I found this belt was connected to a saaweet shop for not only belts for guys and girls. But, bracelets, necklaces, face piercings, all super kewl items!  This new find (for me) is called *PEPPER*.  I met the owner Danni Pfeffer a few days ago after IMing her about part of a necklace that "supposedly" I did not receive. Needless to say it was me being a dork (or as Danni said..a blonde..haha!.) where the item was sunk into my chest and I did not see it. What a professional she was at sending me another necklace without me even asking! Ill tell ya, GOOD customer service (even in SL) always makes a positive difference!  I joined her subscribo and received this adorable necklace with a book and a ladybug attached. Most of you have probably been to her shop, but if you havent, OMG! What are you waiting for? Another plus, she is in SLMarketplace! Here is her blog....*BOLLOBLOG*


Skin..*LAQ* Maria

Hair..*MAITREYA* Lara II (NEW)

Necklace..*PEPPER* (Subscribo gift) Book w/Ladybug.

 Belt..*PEPPER* Multi Colored (male and female available, male belt pictured.)

Top..*BOOM* Surf Polo

Jeans..*LINC* Tyra


Tune I am listening to..*Kid Rock, Cheryl Crow...Collide*

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