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Thursday, March 17, 2011

*St Patricks Day & Fashion For Life*

Sweet group gift from "A Touch Of Ireland" includes the ENTIRE outfit. Only exception were the cute pumps I found on SLmarketplace from *Viviane-Fashion-Cloverleaf Heels* They have an adorable little green clover on them and they are resizable, and get this, are you ready? They were ONE linden! Cute arent they?

Fashion For Life is in full swing, with over 190 designers contributing on an expansion of 8 sims. Awesome sims to check for the builds alone! It is lead by one of our dearest bloggers *Harper Beresford*, please check out her blog for more info on this amazing event.  I picked up 1, 2..3 or maybe 4 pairs of eyes from *FASHISM* . Beautiful eyes and the designer has created several at a special price for FFL.

This event is for such a worthy cause, and one close to my heart. You see..St Patricks Day has had a different meaning to me for the past 7 years. It is the day my hero died. My sweet Daddy. He was a hard worker, who raised his family of a wife and two daughters on a longshoremans pay. (Shout out to ILWU)
Within two years of retirement, and building his dreamhome, it was a sad day for our family when drs discovered he had  Mesothelioma . A cancer that attacks the lungs, typically caused from asbestos. There is no cure for this life snatching disease..not yet.
I see the latest treatmeants for cancer patients and they really have made a huge leap in a good direction. I know this will continue with the world's support.
Cancer effects us all in one way or another. Let's help put a stop to the only thing in the world worth hating.

"My Hero Is Now My Angel"


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LisaMun Aronowicz said...

What a sexy green outfit! Looks so lovely on you!