Laila Laperriere

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

*Linc Jeans*

LOVING these NEW Tyra Jeans from *LUCK INC* . They come in great faded colors, and you can buy either the cuff, skinny leg or flared bottom design. I especially like how they are unbuttoned & unzipped, like maybe you shouldn't have had just one more venti frapp with extra whip =).  Although straying from vulgar, they remain definately sexy. A perfect pair of jeans for tattoo peeking.
After a friend & shopping buddy of mine bought a pair and put them on, she agreed with me, UBER SMEXY HOT Jeans.
While I had her here, I just could not let her go until snapping a few pix of us. This is our "MUST HAVE" for the week. Go grab a pair...or two =)

 She got us in photo shoot mood by this tune, love her taste in music!
   Mwaahhs..thank you Calliope!

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