Laila Laperriere

Friday, March 25, 2011


This sweet little black dress I picked up at the "Fashion for Life" event. The designer is *CheerNo Femme*, and I love the (optional) collar wrap it comes with. I dont think you can see it clearly in the pic, but there is a small and elegant Cheerno logo on the bottom of the waist, pulling in the silver detail from the collar. The dress and collar are easily resizable to, YAYY!
 A dress you can play up or down with accessories, ah kind of dress!

Heels are from *N Core*, and I added a bangle and earring set from *Icon* I've had in my inventory for a few years. Dont'cha just love a remix?!

Check out this cute updo from *Bish*, its called Mireya and comes in paks of colors. The one I am wearing is called bark (brn pak) and comes pretty close to matching the hairbase of my skin, Melissa from *Belleza.*

Sorry I didnt add the SLurls this time. I just wanted to shoot this one out before the white color challenge tomorrow, which..I am cheating on but shhhh dont tell Luna =)

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