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Thursday, December 23, 2010

*Laqroki* Viva la Vilda!

The latest creation by one of the top skin designers Mallory Cowen has made Vilda. She comes with an assortment of beautiful eyemakeups and lip colors. It is worth grabbin the demo to try them all on because they are all oh so pretty! The way Ms Cowen designs her eyeshadows, makes me believe she could possibly be a Mac girl in RL. Who doesnt love Mac eyeshadow?
If you havent subscribed to *Laqroki* yet, you need to get your booty down there, click the subscribe sign with the gorgeous Christmas Vilda portrayed. You will receive this beautiful NEW Christmas makeup skin for FREE! The gift comes in an array of skin colors that we all know and love with Laqroki, and a nice little kick for blondes to! 


Skin..*Laqroki* Subscription Gift, Christmas Vilda in Peach.

Eyes..*PC* Fairy Eyes.

Hair..*Truth* Francesca

Santa Girl Outfit..*Blow-Up*

Tattoo..*Garden of Ku*

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