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Friday, December 10, 2010

Decorating the Tree

This sweet Christmas tree, skirt and box of ornaments was created by Beolas Whitfield and is a
 freebie located inside his store called  [Kusshon]. It has adorable animations and is very low in prims.
As classy as Beolas is, I thought hmm, maybe I should refrain from adding the bows on my head and derriere. But..well, if you look behind me, you will see a small table adorned with christmas tree decoration MUST HAVES..and that would be a vodka martini set. Christmas decorating and holiday cheer, really do go hand in hand, which could be how those bows ended up where they did. =)
Thank you for the sweet tree Beo!

*Other Credits*

Skin..*LAQ* Elena in Nougat

Hair..*Truth* Cleo in Espresso

Hands..*Slink* Slink Dejolie hands.

Pajamas..*Skin Flicks* Sassy trap door PJs in Hello Kitty Green

Bows..*Razorblade Jacket* 2 gift bows, one with tag and one without.(Purchased at the FTLO Ice festival)

1 comment:

beolas whitfield said...

Thank you sooo much for that cute blog! i love to hear that you like my tree. greetings, beo xxx