Laila Laperriere

Friday, November 26, 2010

*Week 4 Challenge..Plum*

I do really like the Jessyca and Meggan skins from Nany Merlin's *Unique Mega Store* They also have more "celebrity" skins to check out as well. Each skin comes with the option of wearing the hair base and cleavage. You can purchase seperately the "open lips" skins. I have Jessyca on this post, and Meggan on my last post. I find these two "parted lips" skins to give a beautiful look for picture taking or blogging. As far as going out in them, I am not to sure. I am a detailed person where I check my avi out from all sides. With the parted lips from the side view, she has somewhat of an overbite that can look goofy. However, the rest I adore! The skin is very smooth and detailed, the legs and butt are gorgeous! Meggan's eyes are not sold seperately, and comes only with the skin purchase,which gives you an advantage over the rest of the eyes that are sold, and they are very pretty. I like there eyes on there skins. Not so much for my Laqroki fav, Elena. They have a white line on the bottom of the eyeball which gives an effect of the eyes not fitting the eye shape, making them seem unatural.
This may just be with my shape, perhaps on other shapes and skins the eyes look perfect. All in all *Unique Mega Store* really has a great selection of beautiful skins. And now, if you would please ignore my babbling and scroll down to take a look at this weeks color challenge, plum. Ooh, I love how that sounds. Makes me wish for a delicious purple/violet/ red and ripe piece of fruit...ahhh, how I miss summer already.
Thank you Luna for a beautiful color to have fun with!

             Luna Jubilee's Color Challenge

Skin..*Unique Mega Store* Jessyca (parted lips)
Eyes..*Unique Mega Store* Natural eyes 11 Brown by Nany Merlin.(Included w/skin)
Hair..*AD* Ais in Black
Top..*ASrock* Violet Attitude
Pants..*ASrock* Femme jeans Yazuka
Boots..*Lelutka* Chloe ankle boot in purple
Necklace..*Mandala* Kagetera in purple
Bangles, Rings& Nails..*Mandala* Fur bangle in purple w/purple nails and rings.