Laila Laperriere

Saturday, November 20, 2010


52 weeks of color/Goldenrod
Luna Jubilee can definately create a challenge. The color Goldenrod has been one of them for me, so far.  Soo many different variations of the color, it made it hard to narrow down to what was more yellow, more gold...yada, yada you get the picture. Anyways...this is what I came up with, and bless *Truth* Hawks heart, one of my favorite all time dresses and he had it in the color I needed. This was after searching high and low on the SL grid for.."Goldenrod."  I paired up the dress with a sweet jacket from ** adding a fall look. This was a great challenge and I have to admit, the thought of finding a goldenrod crayon avi and posting it did come to mind, it probably would have been much easier. Thank you Luna!


Skin..*LAQ* Elena in Nougat
Hair..*Truth* Sonya in Espresso (NEW)
Dress..*Truth* Sunday Dress (zest)
Jacket..** Tourist Jacket in brown
Earrings..** Loop jewelry in medium wood


Luna Jubilee said...

I love this color combo. I think I may just have all the items to recreate this look myself! :)

Laila Laperriere said...

Yayy! You cant see my feet in the pic, but I have Maitreya's gold shoes on in brown, they match the jacket. Thanks for the compliment, and once again, thank you for a terrific challenge.